IR SparkCore

Hot on the heals of using a SparkCore to control my garage door I next wanted to control my air conditioning and TV and AV equipment via the Internet. To achieve this I knocked up a simple circuit with IR reciever and transmitter then coded up some simple IR learning arduino code. I investigated the various IR libraries but I found them overkill for what I wanted to do. Read the full details on GitHub.

Garage Door SparkCore

Ever have that feeling that you left the oven on? Well I get that same feeling about my garage door. I have a security camera that I can remotely check the garage door from but I still had no way to rectify it (which did happen once, left home in a hurry and forgot to close the door). I figured a cool project would be to automate the door, not only could I check if I left it open I could close (or open) it from anywhere in the world (with internet access) I could even have the door open automatically when I return home after being out.

Pool Temperature Android App

I got all inspired after the AWS Summit this week just gone. I’ve updated my pool temperature setup such that the current temperature is now dumped into an AWS SimpleDB and have written a basic Android App that will read and display the temperature. The next step will be to add a widget, but for now this does the trick nicely. ps. Australia is heading into winter, thus the chill.

Reusing old computer hardware

One of the great things about netbooks is that they are cheap. This means when they break it’s not much of a hit to the back pocket to simply replace the hardware. But these little machines can still be useful so don’t be too quick to throw them out. My last netbook lasted 4 years before the hard drive and then the screen gave out in quick succession. It was showing its age and it was time for an upgrade anyway so I didn’t feel bad replacing it but I didn’t want to throw it away.

Reprap Prusa i3

Ordered as a kit from AliExpress and built over the course of a weekend this cheap but capable 3d printer is based on the Prusa i3 RepRap design making it easily upgradable and hackable. So far I’ve replaced the firmware with the latest Marlin version, upgraded the hotend to an e3d-v6 and designed a better hotend cooler attachment. With the new hotend cooler I’m currently going through the process of re-tuning Silc3r to make the best use of it.

WiFi Minishift Upgrade

Taking a Minishift and adding WiFi support so it can be a generic IoT status display for my home.